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Message From: Jamie Furguson October 8, 2018
When I adopted, Harper, I knew I had a special kitten. I couldn’t love her more and she is so precious and ornery. I love it!! When I brought her home to, Fairmont, she played all the way. No crying at all!! I sat her carrier on the living room floor with the little door open. She slept for about two hours and my other cat, Squiggy, was sleeping in the same room. He got up to eat, she walked out of her carrier and right up to him, they touched noses and have been best friends ever since!! Not one “hiss” from either of them and hasn’t been. They have always slept together, with me, and she is beautiful! She looks like a string bean right now.. lol. Oh, and Squiggy, lets her do anything she wants. If he could roll his eyes, he would!! He is a great cat too... Thank you for everything you do. A special thank you for helping me and being so good to me. It was and is a very moving experience and I couldn’t be happier. Jamie Ferguson

Message From: Carol May 9, 2018
Hello, and thank you from Pickering, Ontario, Canada. I am the lucky adopter (through Home Sweet Home in Toronto) of Maggie (formerly Mia), a young Maltese mix picked up as a stray in Red House, WV. You may remember Mia as being sweet, social, playful, and a complete cuddle bug, all this and she has one ear noticeably longer than the other. I truly believe I won the lottery with this little girl, and will be forever grateful for the work you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Message From: Jacquie October 1, 2017
Hello from Canada! Just a quick note to let you know that I am madly in love with a tiny little terrier you knew as "Bricks". (When he got here, he told me he thought the name Oliver was a bit more distinguished...) He's sleeping curled up on my lap as I write this. We're looking forward to lots of fun, new adventures together! Thanks for taking great care of him til he got up here to his new forever home!

Message From: Louise Valentine March 17, 2017
I adopted Sylar a week ago and she is a very sweet cat. She was such a good girl on the long ride to Wisconsin. Thank you to Linda, Vickie and all the volunteers for doing what you do.

Message From: Irene November 30, 2016
Greetings, I just adopted "Tyson" that came from your rescue. He is now in a happy home in Bolton, Ontario Canada. We love him to pieces, thank you for taking him in and taking good care of him.

Message From: Eugenia Renskoff June 13, 2016
Hi, Thank you for Minnie, the cat. Eugenia Renskoff

Message From: Tammy April 12, 2016
Thank you for the wonderful day at your animal sanctuary! My mother, sister and myself enjoy the visit and were impressed with the facility! I have never seen a location that is so animal friendly. We arrived safely with our new family member -Scarlett. She was so well behaved on the journey back to Charleston and has taken control of my home. My other kitty is happy she is here but cannot understand why she is not ready to "play". Hopefully in a few days they will be best buddies! I will follow up with pics then!

Message From: Amy & Phil Garner April 30, 2015
We took Andy the tri-color collie mix in about 2 weeks ago, and our lives have changed forever for the better! He's a lovely, healthy chap and we can't wait for our adventures together. Thank you to the shelter staff for taking care of him. We've emailed you some photos! All the best.

Message From: Paula April 2, 2014
The puppies and the parents look happy. I am so glad that you could take them. You have a wonderful place. We hope to come up soon.

Message From: Bettie January 3, 2014
Looking forward to being an active contributor. Donating through sales from my Etsy shop. Thanks to Michelle Eddy