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Jax now 1  



Titan thenTitan now

Titan then                            Titan now

Shasta then Shasta now
 Shasta then    Jiji  aka Shasta now

Chicklet         Chicklet aka Jiji   Chicklet now 1
   Chicklet then                               Chicklet aka Jiji

        Jax aka Aztec   Jax Now       Jax Now      
 Jax aka Aztec                   Jax now

BooBoo then                      BooBoo aka Ginny
                              BooBoo then and BooBoo aka Ginny now

Asia 1

Asia then and Asia aka Katie now.   
She loves her new family.

                                                                                      Asia aka Katie




PixiePixie now
    Pixie then             Pixie with her family


Pongo is a much loved member of the family, he is very happy in his forever home.

Pongo t

Pongo 4Pongo 1Pongo 3BooBoo thenBooBoo aka GinnyPongo 2

Blaze Then

BlazeBlaze NBlaze NB 

Blaze Now....He has a wonderful forever home w/ 2 great boy to look after him.



Aladdin Then

Aladdin Then

Aladdin NOw Aladdin NOw Aladdin NOw

Aladdin Now known as Buster has a great life in his forever home.




Kincaid b

Then - Our wild boy Kincade

Kincaid afKincaid asKincaid ab

Now - Kincade is doing wonderful in his forever home:

Here's what is adopter had to say about him.

Yeah! met this weeks goal!! He continues to become less reactive. and is starting to come up to me.  Took to the saddle well. we practiced for several days before the photos.  He is now ponying with ease beside my older gelding up to a trot.  He is still a little skittish when I reach for him at times.... but so much better. 





Red Then

Red1 Red2

Red loves his life now, he is very spoiled.




Shasta Then

Hannah  Shasta  Hannah  Shasta o

Shasta now called Hannah is very happy. She is one lucky dog, she get to go to work with mommy.



Lunna Then

Lunna Then

Lunna NowLunna Now

Lunna Now Know as Cincy is a very happy dog. Her daddy says she is wonderful girl.


Little Foot Then

Little Foot Then

Little Foot Now

Little Foot is very happy in her new home, and her new mommy and daddy love her very much.


Pippi Then

Pippi Then

Pippi aka Sady NowPippi aka Sady Now

Pippi Now know as Sady.

She is a lucky girl to have such a great forever home. 



Buttercup Then

Buttercup Then

Buttercup NowButtercup Now

Buttercup Now!

Buttercup and her little boy make a great team.




Tyson Then

Tyson Then

Tyson NowTyson NOw

Tyson has a great forever home as you can see he is quite happy being a couch potato with his BFF.




Bindy Then

Bindi Then

Bindy Now FBindy Now d

Bindi now know as Bindy Lou is very happy in her forever home.




Nikita Then

Nikita Then

Nikita NowNikita Now

Nikita now - She loves her forever home & she thinks snow is winderful to play in.




Glen Then

Glen Then

Glen NowGlen Now

Glen now known as Adso is one lucky cat to have a little boy who loves him very much.



Sun Then

Sun Then

Sun Now ASun Now A

Sun now known as Oliver sure has a pampered life.




Blue Bell Then

Blue Bell Then

Blue Bell NowBlue Bell NowBlue Bell Now 

Blue Bell Loves her forever family and is very happy.




Racer thenRhett then

Racer & Rhett


R & R nowR & R now

Racer & Rhett are 2 very lucky cats. They look very cozzy together.



Chloe Bee Then  

Chloe Bee Then

Chloe Bee NowChloe Bee now 

Chloe Bee is very happy in her forever home.




Mandy Then

Our Senior dog Mandy Then.

Mandy was at the Olive Branch for many years, we very much loved her and miss her, but there is nothing better then being adopted into a loving forever home.

Mandy Now 1Mandy Now 3

Mandy Now!!

We are all so happy Mandy will know what it's like to have a forever home and family in her golden years of life.



 Einstein then

Einstein Then..

 Einstein Now

Einstein Now..What a happy boy.




Tyson then

Tyson Then

Tyson Now TTyson Now A

Tyson Now Nitro is very happy & loves his mouff hangin down big brother Max who was also adopted from OBARR.


Jack Then

Jack Then.

Jack LetterJack Now

            Jack now, He is very happy in his forever home.




Jill before

Jill Then

Jill afterJill after 1

Jill now Daisy is very happy in forever home.



Cappy thenCappy now

Cappy Then                 Cappy Now





Teddy then

Teddy Then

Teddy & Family.Teddy now

Teddy now has a great family he is so happy





AA Reggie Then

Reggie Then

Reggie Now.

Reggie sure is having fun getting into stuff.

AA Reggie Now




AA Linus Then

Linus Then

Linue Now known as Maxi

he sure looks happy in his new home!

AA Linue Now Maxie



BB-poohbear then          BB-poohbear/Gatsby now

     Poohbear then           Now known as Gatsby

He sure is a happy puppy. His new mommy says he's Perfect!


AA-Brady then

Brady Then

Brady now

AA-Brady now 1AA-Brady nowAA-Brady now 2

Brady was a very shy boy. He has sure thrived in his

forever home.



CC-Nina then

Nina Then

Now known as Dutchess

CC-Nina Now  CC-Nina Now 1

Dutchess is very happy in her forever home.



Joey Then

Joey Then

Now known as Sammie

Joey Now 1  Joey Now 2

He sure has grown into a very handsome boy.



Panda then

Panda Then

Now known as Pepper

Panda NOw 1

Panda NOw 2  Panda NOw 3

Wow Pepper sure is a lucky puppy to have

2 young boys to paly with.





D-Mia then

Mia Then And

And now still Known as Mia.

D-Mia 3 Now

Mia has a little piggy friend, Sophie!

D-Mia 1 Now  D-Mia 2 Now

Mia is very spoiled in her forever home.

An "WOW" have those ears grown.





C-Treckles then

Treckles Then

And Now still known as Treckels.

C-Treckles 1 now     C-Treckles 2 now

    Treckles fit right into his       Treckels is having lots forever family. What a beautiful   playing in the snow.

Christmas card.                                       





B-Mr.Ree then

 Mr.Ree Then

Now known as Aroo

B-Mr.Ree now

He is a very happy boy in his forever home.




Matches Then

Matches Then.

know known as Patches.

Matches NOw Matches Now 1 Matches Now 2

 She looks very Happy and spoiled in her forever home.



Max then

Max Then


Max Now

Max & Santa

Max got just want he wanted for Christmas

A Forever Home!




Hiedi Then

Heidi Then

and Now..

Heidi was adopted by a nursing home.

Hiedi now 1  Hiedi now 2

Heidi is so happy, and they all love her very much.




Zeke then 

Zeke Then


 Zeke now

Look at Zeke Now, he is very happy

with his 2 new boys and from the look

on those faces they are very happy with Zeke.




 Dixie Then

Dixie Then

Now known as Eva

Dixie aka Eva 2  Dixie aka Eva 1

Eva is one lucky girl, she loves her new family & toys.





 Snickers Then

Snickers Then

Snickers Now

Snickers now 1  Snickers now 2

Snickers sure loves her little boy and Family!

She one happy pup!





Lizzy then

Lizzy then.

Lizzy now.

Lizzy 1 now  Lizzy 2 now   Lizzy 3 now

 Lizzy has her own bed & many toys to play with.

She is one luck dog!

Lizzy is checking out her new back yard.






Smokey then      Smokey now

  Smokey then.       Smokey now, he sure is a lucky

                       cat. Look how happy he is!





Lemon Then

Lemon Then.

Lemon Now.

Lemon now1 Lemon now2 Lemon now3 Gracie & Lemon

Lemon & Gracie are the best of friends.

Lemon has a great life.

 Daddy serenads Lemon and Gracie. 







 Snicker then 

Snicker Then.

Snicker now 2  Snicker now

Now look at Snicker, He is so happy with his new

    little girl & from the look of that smile she's very 

happy with him. 

A-Snicker Xmas

Snicker w/ his Bestest friend,

I just love the matching sweeters.





Chester then

Chester Then.

Now know as Chewie.

Chester Now 3

Sending an e-mail

and here is what chewie had to say.

Dear OBARR Friends,
     I wanted to send you another update on how things are going here in Pittsburgh. Every day I am feeling more relaxed in my new home. I love sleeping in bed with my family! We wake up in the morning and I try to catch their hands under the comforter! It's a lot of fun! Today, I played with my toy for the first time with Amanda. It was really fun to chase it around the house.  I've started sleeping on my back sometimes (which makes me snore, but such is the life of a short nosed canine!). I go for car rides all the time, and I listen to my leash commands very well. I really love meeting other dogs, and was really happy when my the neighbor dogs Mia and Moe, invited me over for a play date at their house! Can you believe they are smaller than me!? They only weigh 7lbs each! Because we walk at the same time in the morning and evening, I am getting to know all the neighbors. All the grandpa's really love me. I think they are great too. The cats Itchy and Boshi are really starting to relax around me. Sometimes, Boshi and I even sit next to each other.  I still take a lot of pride in my home, and only go potty outside. I am still pretty quiet, but when someone knocks on the door, I make sure to alert the family with some barks and growls. I am just trying to protect everyone.
    Live here sure is different, but its good. I have already been to 4 different restaurants that allow dogs in their outside seating areas. I have also gone to see Jazz music live under the stars, and gone to ballet in the park. I don't know if I care so much about whats going on on the stage, but I sure do love getting to meet some new friends. Oh! I have a funny story to close my letter. When we were at the ballet, a nice lady came up to use with a very old but nice chihuahua.  She was a newly rescued dog too, so we bonded right away! Unfortunately, my new friend thought Kevin's shoe was the perfect spot to go potty. So she did it right there. Amanda laughed, and thank goodness Kevin likes dogs!
    I also went camping last night. It was fun and I stayed warm in my blankets. Seeing fire was scary at first... maybe it's the first time I have seen it... but it was fun to smell all the new smells out there.
    Attached are some pictures of me having fun!
Love Always,

Chester Now 1 Chester Now 2  Chester Now 4

      Car Ride!      Camping!      Jazz in The Park!





Carter then

Carter Then.

Carter Now Sydney looking very handsome.

And just look at him with his best friend!

Carter now 2  Carter then 2





Brownie then Brownie now

Brownie Then          Now known as Josie.

                        What a happy beautiful girl she is.

Josie 4

 Take my picture "Cheesssssssss Buggers"



Lizzie before 1  Lizzie before 2 

Lizzie Then.

Lizzie Now

Lizzie's graduation,              Lizzie with her

we are all so proud of her.         best friend Cooper

Lizzie now 1  Lizzie now 2



Cher before


Cher THEN,

And NOW 

Know as Pontuffe.

Can you find me?           She loves to go boating.


cher now 1  Cher after






kiowa 1 kiowa 2

The whole litter    Kiowa then (2005)

Kiowa was 1 of 9 puppies that were dumped in the park when they about 2 days old.

Kiowa now

kiowa 3 kiowa 4




Luke Before 

Luke then


Luke after with a wonderful letter

from his forever home.

 Luke after





Elsie before Elsie afterElsie after w/her new sisiter

    Elsie then    Elsie now w/ her sister DINAH-mite

Shortly after Elsie arived at her new home we recived this e-mail from her. It was to good not share with everyone.

The ride to my new home was uneventful. I went right in the car, and claimed
 that crate as mine, and settled right in. Pat was surprised to see how
 slight I am. Since neither my harness or new collar fit, we stopped at a
 pet store on the way home for some new accessories. I met my new housemate
 while we were both leashed. DINAH-mite and I have had a few harsh words.
She is a feisty one. I hear she is not feeling too well today. She seems to
 be limping a little. I hope she feels better soon. Out in the yard, Pat
 sat in a chair with DINAH on her lap. I like curling up under the same
 chair close by. I keep Pat leashed to me most times. I want to make sure
 that there is no trouble during the transition. We have all had play time
 in the yard together, but I am not sure what to do with a ball. We even
 went for a short walk through a part of the yard that Pat called "neutral
 territory". We all got along pretty well then. The food is pretty good.
 The menu included Science Diet Nature's Best lamb and rice formula. I even
 had rice cooked in homemade chicken broth to spice it up. Honestly I did not have
any leftovers. A few friends have stopped by for me to check them
 out. Then we all took a nap this afternoon.

Life is good. I think that I am going to like it here.

Hey I thought that I was told I had all my shots already. I heard Pat say that after I am all settled in we are going to the vet for my wellness check. She mentioned I needed one more shot for Lyme disease. Hey I don't even eat citrus fruits, so why do I need a shot to protect me against limes?

Talk to you later,


 Augusta before                  Augusta after 

 Augusta then.               Augusta after, what a 

                                 beautiful girl!!  





Roxy before   roxy/rosie   Roxy after

Roxy before    Rosie now,  loves to play with her

                friend Stella


Dancer Before            Dancer after

Dancer before           Dancer after look

                        at me take my picture!





 Naala after 1Naala beforeNaala after

Naala before  Naala after, what a lucky girl

              to get to play on the Beach

     she sure is happy.





Drake before            Drake After

 Drake before            look at Drake after

                          how handsome


Mozart then           Mozart now 

 Marzart Before           Look at Mozart now.

                           What a happy cat!



Aden then

Aden now

 Aden then and just look at what a big boy he is becoming






 Bing now




Bing with his

new Family 








Chase then

and look at him now! 




Dixie then 

Dixie Then.


 Dixie now 2Dixie now 1Dixie now

 And just look at her now. 



Dodger Then

Dodger Now

 Dodger all grown up















 Moe thenmoe now 1





Panda thenPanda now





Ruby Now

Ruby then


Ruby then and Ruby today in her new home






Amie then

amie now 

Amie now known as Holly loves to have her

picture taken.  Just look at that face.




 Libby at here Olive Branch foster home.Libby at her new homeLibby & Rocky

Libbby is a very happy girl .      Libby w/ her very best friend

            in her new forever home,             Rocky after a day at the water park

                just look at that smile!!                 






huck before

Hansome - before  

 Hansome aka Barney

                                                    Huck aka Riley 



 Huck after

Barney and Riley are very happy boys, they love their forever home.


The family


 Barney & Riley w/ the rest of the family droped by to say Hi.

They are all very happy & WOW their brother sure gives meaning to the

term big brother.







Tara then

   Tara now

  Tara then and just look at her now what a joy to know that she has found a loving home.




      Dexter before  

   Dexter THEN


   Dexter NOW


Dexter after H1  Dexter after S2  Dexter after S1 




Gabby 1 

Gabby Then

and Now... 

Gabby 2 Gabby 3

     Gabby Loves her new sister Maddy.






       chico 1Chico 2Chico 3

Chico before      Chico cuddles w/ his new daddy.    This is the good life    






Freddy 1Freddy 2Freddy 3  

             Freddy before Freddy is now Jacoby he is a happy boy.





 LuLu then

LuLu now

Lulu then and just

look at her now 





 MorkMork now


Mork then and just look at him now.