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Animal Success Stories
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Baby came to the Olive Branch because her owner of 16 years passed away. Baby was very depressed, underweight and not eating. We took her to the vet and baby's teeth were all decayed and her gums were totally infected. She also had one big tooth that hung out,. The Olive Branch could have made the decision to put her down, but we decided that she still had the will to live. The surgery was going to be hard on Baby because not only were her teeth so bad, she also had a severe heart murmur, I looked into her eyes and her eyes told me that she could do it. Yes she did it. Baby is doing better and living with Linda she is eating and drinking. We have put up a picture of Baby of what she looked like when she came to us. We definately will post more pictures. This is truly a success story for Baby, for however long she has.


Bandit the Boxer that was rescued in the Charleston area, has a home, and the great news is that the home is with the ladies who rescued him. They decided that he was to precious and that love was more important to Bandit than to have a big fenced in yard. What a great ending, Bandit gets walked daily and has a family who loves him. .

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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